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    Yellow stay, volunteering, karma yoga

    What is the difference between a volunteer and a karma yogi?

    From outwards they look the same; both help in miscellaneous works according to present needs...

    Yet their inner attitude is different... If you want to learn more about this amazing topic, see this article: Karma Yoga


    Having said that, whether you come as volunteer or karma yogi, you will be very Welcome !
    Your accomodation will be either in Durga (the big yoga shala with dormitory) or in Saraswati (big nomad tent) or in a camping tent during programs;

    You may see some pictures in the Gallery- accomodation


    There might be different conditions for your stay:


    --> You may come outside all programs and experience the farm's life style, participate to the works according to season (gardens/ buildings/ cooking/ harvesting/ watering/ maintenance/ handycraft/ translation/ communication...) the list is almost endless so be sure that we shall find activities which match your capacities!

    As far as timing is concerned, Nature is our guide: we shall adapt our daily activities to weather, temperatures and other conditions. You will always have time to rest, time for yourself, time to enjoy! We may evaluate daily work time at about 5 to 6 hours... knowing that it is very flexible according to Nature's decisions!


    --> You may also wish to come during a program, maybe to help in the kitchen or other;  it is a valuable means to both experience the farm's life style while participating to some activities with the group and meeting other like minded people !

    Timing will be according to the program; and here too you will have free time, for sure, and time with the group if you wish:)



    When ?

    Because of the tremendous summer heat, possible winter hardship, and due to lack of insulation in our present accomodation, it is wise to come during SPRING or FALL AUTUMN; that is


    From MID MARCH till MID JUNE and from END SEPTEMBER till BEGINNING of NOVEMBER-                          approximately


    However, it happens frequently that weather during winter becomes surprisingly mild and sunny... So don't hesitate to check the weather forecast and see if a stay "outside" these specific periods might be possible !? 


    All details about conditions by following the yellow flower...

    From now on, I prefer to tell you that due to the very limited financial situation of the farm, a tiny financial participation will be requested to help with food expenses and allow to eat really good food ! However if you come DURING a program, your food will be covered by the program, so your stay will be entirely FREE :)


    To know if the life in the farm will suit you, better to read the "little guide of the farm"...
    The farm is a "blank space" where phones and screens are left aside... We live here "unplugged"...
    Of course, if you have more queries, if you wish to learn about availabilities, or if you want to book your stay, dont hesitate to contact Isabelle !

    Thanks to those who told me "No"

    I could do it by myself;

    Albert Einstein


    The one who

    does not take any risk

    Risks even more;