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    Blue stay, individual retreat


    One who looks outside, Dreams

    One who looks inside, Awakens

    Carl Jung



    In the core of Silence lies Peace

    In Peace, the Presence of our True being



    Because we all have different backgrounds and needs, an individual retreat is a must to recharge your energy if you feel in a low mood, like needing to take a break and have a step back... or to heal some imbalance or uneasyness which prevent you from feeling perfectly good...

    Of course a retreat will also help you to move forward to the path of evolution if that is your aspiration;


    Whatever your need, Isabelle will help you with the powerful tools of yoga and ayurveda, and establish with you a specific program composed of

    -- yoga practices (such as asanas - postures/ pranayama- breath/ shatkarma- cleansing / mantras - chantings/ yantras - drawings / havan - sacred fire / jnana yoga - yoga of self knowledge... and more...)

    -- ayurvedic tools (we shall determine your ayurvedic constitution which will help us to find out which practice is appropriate to you, what kind of life style is suitable and what kind of food you should take / avoid...

    -- gentle activities like gardening, cooking, drawing...

    -- maybe silence (mouna) and even "doing nothing"  might be in your program !


    Know that in the protected farm's environment, you will be far away from all the city stresses...

    Timing will be that of Nature...

    Phones and internet will be left aside as much as possible so as to experience the Here and Now from deep inside;

    You will be able to forget all your worries and dive into an intense moment out of time... yet deeply rooted into the Present;


    To discover more about How Yoga can help to recover balance you may follow this link : Yoga and Harmony

    To learn about this ancient Indian medecine called Ayurveda, how it functions and how it can help you, you may follow this link : Ayurveda, balance and health;

    And to discover more about the proceeding of an individual retreat, simply jump to this link : A retreat in the farm, how does it happen ?

    Yoga teacher since over 10 years, I have been helping and guiding several students and friends thanks to the teachings and guidance I received both in yoga and ayurveda;

    I will be pleased to accompany you and share with you the multiple benefits the life in Yunus Emre farm may bring. You may even be surprised to see that very simple changes can have big positive consequences in our lives...


    However although a retreat in the farm may surely help your to recover from imbalance and even some diseases, please keep in mind that I am not a therapist. If you suffer from severe illness, better to visit a real therapist or doctor.

    To know more about me, you may read this article;


    As far as accomodation is concerned, you may stay:

    -- either in Durga, ( single bed, indoor bathroom, tea room, living room, and huge space for yoga...)

    -- or in Saraswati, (two individual rooms, outdoor bathroom, library, small living room);

    You may look at some pictures in the Gallery/ accomodation;

    Meals will be prepared together according to your ayurvedic constitutions and actual needs;

    The life in the farm follows a few gentle rules which are summarized in the "little guide of the farm"; Please read it so as to see if that can suit you !

    If you have more questions, if you wish to learn about availabilities or to book your retreat, please contact me;

    To learn the prices, you may follow the blue flower :) or this link;